Sunday, October 11, 2009


Would you plan to climb Mt. Everest without first gathering the right equipment and supplies, finding the right guides, and making sure that you were in peak physical condition?

Oh, and you don't want to forget the weather forecast—as well a map! Those might be helpful!

Well, your trip to the top of the ranks of Screenwriters should be just as carefully planned.

So many people think they are "ready to roll" with just a script in hand.

That would be like taking off on your mountain expedition with only a pair of hiking boots.

Unfortunately, it seems that all too often would-be screenwriters come unprepared. Someone will write a script and then flounder around wondering how to find someone to buy it when they should be worrying why no one will read it!

Let's go through the preps:

A screenwriting program, produced scripts, screenwriting books and courses in screenwriting and marketing.

The "HOLLYWOOD DIRECTORIES", magazines and newspapers dealing with showbusiness and the business of writing.

Mentors, script analysts, networking, screenwriters' groups.

Write more than one script, learn all you can.

You need a plan of action. You also need to know where you want to go and the best way to get there. There may not be a guaranteed route, but you do want to avoid the pitfalls--so you need to know what and where they are located.

What are studios and production companies interested in buying right now? Which companies might be interested in your genre of script? This should probably be at the top of your list. Write something based on what might sell.

Your pitching and marketing materials.

…and MONEY...
Climbing Mt. Everest isn't cheap.

In subsequent blogs I’ll give more details on each of these subjects.